Monograph 2020 Erdy McHenry Architecture 
marks 20 years!

Client:  Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, NY

Date: 2014

Area: 61,422 sq. feet

Sustainability: Designed to LEED Silver Standards




The Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC) was initiated as simply a parking lot and a bus stop for the new Center of Excellence (CoE) building, but quickly evolved into a project seeking to promote and educate sustainable infrastructure. The clients’ vision was for the site to convey the purpose, mission and vision of the CoE.


The parking lot for 100 cars will be anchored by a large water retention basin mitigating the storm water run-off from within the site which will maintain storm water outflow at, or below allowable limits.  With parking for Five hybrid vehicles and car chargers for electric vehicle re-charging, the site also includes a . A solar PV armature at the south edge of the parking lot will provide electricity to maintain the lighting and car charging stations. Furthermore, it will be tied to the sites electrical system, allowing the overall site to benefit from any excess power that is generated.


To the west end of the site, a pavilion houses a display wall actively monitoring the energy consumption and production of the facility. It also provides a shelter for bus passengers, bike storage, public lockers and vending machines.


The Intermodal Transportation Center incorporates several environmental features that will reduce energy consumption, mitigate storm water runoff and generate all of its own energy and is designed to be “net-zero”. It will be a tangible example for other ecologically-minded urban projects in Syracuse.