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Erdy McHenry Architecture
915 Orianna Street
Philadelphia PA 19123
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Shooters Video & Post

Shooters is Philadelphia’s leader for video production and post-production editing, including non-linear and HDTV format capability. The Curtis Building located in downtown Philadelphia was selected for their new location because the classical forms of the existing space provide an interesting contrast to the state of the art equipment that is at the core of their business.

Requirements of the studio environment mandated specialized detailing for all critical areas. General editing studios are designed to meet a rating of 55 STC, and voice-over booths and audio recording are to approach a sound transmission coefficient of 60. For increased sound isolation, the audio recording suite features wood parquet-flooring set into a loose sand base.

In order to minimize structure borne noise, studios were ”floated” within the space as individually roofed boxes. This minimized contact with the structure of the building and allowed the architecture to exist unimpeded beneath the vaults of the original Curtis Ballroom.

The program includes FIRE, AVID editing suites, SPIRIT DATACINE film transfer, and a full production graphics department. Each of the editing suites cluster around a central machine room for ease of access and sound isolation of the equipment.

Digital Audio Recording is clustered around a separate machine room and has direct access to sound isolated voice over and audio studios. The main audio studio features a fully isolated wood floor, which floats within a reservoir of loose sand.

The former Curtis Ballroom space is host to the primary public actives in the Shooters facility. The kitchen/bar area provides space for continual catering needs while providing a central space for informal interaction.

For client convenience, telephone rooms provide a quite space for clients to communicate with their home office, plug-in and check email, and keep in touch with other projects.