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Erdy McHenry Architecture
915 Orianna Street
Philadelphia PA 19123
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Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CcTC) is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive mental health services to Philadelphia’s neediest children and their families. CcTC staff is currently spread out between two facilities, the primary location at 1823 Callowhill St. and a rented space at 417 N 8th St. The goal of this project is to consolidate the two disparate locations into the 1823 Callowhill facility by renovating the existing building and providing a 15,000 square foot addition.

The new building will allow all of CcTC’s departments to exist under one roof. This will ultimately support the enhancement of current programs while allocating additional areas to accommodate their current “homeless” staff. The open-space design promotes collaboration among staff members within the workplace and encourages a group approach to service delivery. This environment will ensure that clients have the benefit of a full team of clinicians and professionals working cohesively.

A sense of openness is encouraged throughout the entire project. Windows to be provided in staff areas will overlook the playground, which will allow staff to focus attentions on the children at play and remind staff members of the missions/goals of the program. The renovations to the building entrance will provide a warm, personal and welcoming environment in place of the existing impersonal, locked/buzzer entrance. The completed renovation and addition to the CcTC facility will increase the efficiency of the center and enable the staff to effectively pursue the mission of providing high quality services to all of their clients.