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Erdy McHenry Architecture
915 Orianna Street
Philadelphia PA 19123
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All Pro Landscaping

All Pro landscaping—a landscape construction, maintenance and irrigation contractor—purchased a 30-acre, partially wooded parcel along a busy commercial highway in southern New Jersey to consolidate its operations, previously dispersed over several leased facilities.

The building expresses the nature of the landscape operation and the cultural idiosyncrasies of the organization in its form and materials. Nestled deep in the site, the base of the building utilizes materials typically employed in landscapes. This eruption of the landscape to form the enclosure of the ground floor of the building forms a plinth upon which the machine-like expression of the building’s upper story positions itself. This juxtaposition expresses the relationship between the equipment and landscape that is at the heart of the construction and maintenance operations of the organization.

Together with a proposed stand-alone retail garden center, the operations building sits as much as 700 feet back from the highway frontage and defines a lager parterre garden element, supplemented with a landscaped pond and other landscape/ hardscape elements. These components are presented to the highway and the passing traffic in stark contrast to the traditional New Jersey highway retail context marked by broad expanses of asphalt and parking in the front yard.

Expressed architecturally as if it were a vital organ that has been extracted for further study, the stand-alone guard post houses the inventory management functions and coordinates the daily materials handling activities for the construction and maintenance divisions as well as the retail operations. This structure also provides for 24-hour site surveillance and security.